Whitetails From Scratch
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Whitetails From Scratch (3)
Turning the Corner: Whitetails from Scratch (Episode 3)
After a full year of analysis, the Dukarts get ready for some big changes as they head into the 2020 season of Whitetails from Scratch. Follow along to see the advanced habitat improvements and detailed hunting strategies they have up their sleeve to harvest the first mature whitetail on the new property.
Securing the Border: Whitetails from Scratch (Episode 2)
As the Dukarts prepare for implementation of the Advanced Whitetail Systems program on their new property, they first work on securing the borders of the two parcels. Follow along for some posting tips and tactics as well as a bonus shed hunt with Chris and JJ on the new "Oak Roost" property. Next up, the AWS team is ready to lay out the foundation of the new AWS plan with some Next Level hinge cutting habitat strategies. Stay tuned!
The Beginning: Whitetails from Scratch (Episode 1)
A Whitetail Habitat series unlike anything you've ever seen! Follow the Dukart Family on a multi-year project as they provide a behind-the-scenes look at how a standard deer hunting property can be transformed into a big buck hotbed! With the guidance of whitetail deer expert Andy Orr, of Advanced Whitetail Systems, the habitat improvement opportunities and educational aspects of this series are truly endless.. We hope you enjoy the ride!