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ALL things Scent Control! Deer Society Podcast
Are you prepared to take your scent control to the Next Level this hunting season? In this podcast, we break down some of the advanced scent control strategies and tactics we have developed and utilized over the past decade to consistently fool the nose of whitetail deer. We hope you enjoy this podcast and we look forward to taking this topic to another level in a follow up episode. 
Deer Society Podcast : Andy Orr - Advanced Food Plot Strategies
In this episode of the Deer Society podcast, the owner of Advanced Whitetail Systems joins us to discuss all things food plots! We discuss planting methods, seed types, plot location strategies, hunting tactics and much more… We hope you enjoy!
Jacob Miner: 190" Whitetail on his New Farm! (Episode #12)
This week we take a behind the scenes look at how Jacob Miner targeted a 190" typical whitetail the FIRST year he became a property owner. Follow along as we break down the hunt for this mega Iowa whitetail known as, Full Circle!
Colton Hall: Big Buck Insanity (Episode #11)
In this episode we catch up with Colton Hall of Advanced Whitetail Systems and walk through an EPIC traditional archery whitetail hunt he had this past season. Colton has experienced some incredible hunts in the past (Mr Maybe, Ice Breaker, Megatron) but this one might be the best video yet!
Deer Society Update: Video Podcast (Episode 10)
In Episode 10 we catch up our listeners on what has taken place with the Deer Society crew these past few months. Trade shows, Hunt Breakdowns, Whitetails from Scratch and more! We hope you enjoy the new podcast and we look forward to releasing more updates and videos soon.
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 9 (Dan Coffman)
In Episode 9 we are joined by Dan Coffman to discuss some of the tactics and strategies he used to help him harvest a 300-inch wild whitetail.
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 8 (Adam Hays)
In Episode 8 we are joined by legendary bowhunter, Adam Hays. Adam is one of the only hunters to arrow four bucks that surpass the 200" mark with his bow and arrow. Adam is also the lead behind the popular television show Team 200 and owner of the Moon Guide deer hunting dial and app. We hope you enjoy this episode!
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 7 (Ben Rising)
In Episode 7 we are joined by Ben Rising, owner of the Whitetail Edge online video platform. In this podcast you will learn some of the advanced deer hunting tactics and strategies that Ben has used over the past few decades to consistently harvest mature whitetails!
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 6 (Scott Threinen)
In Episode 6 of the Deer Society podcast, we are joined by 3-time World Goose Calling Champion, Scott Threinen. From Whitetails to Waterfowl, this podcast covers all things hunting and communication and is one episode you don't want to miss!
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 5 (Rod White)
In Episode 5 of the Deer Society podcast, we are joined by Olympic Gold and Bronze archery medalist, Rod White. We dive into several key topics relating to archery accuracy and announce the exciting news of our upcoming "Next Level" bowhunting video series through the Deer Society!
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 4 (Heath Baker)
Episode 4 of the Deer Society podcast is ALL about predator control and the upcoming launch of an exciting new video platform called The Predator Society! In this podcast with Heath Baker, we cover advanced predator hunting tactics such as calling, decoys, scent control, quality optics and much more. We hope you enjoy!
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 3 (Klaus Lebrecht)
In Episode 3 of the Deer Society podcast, we are joined by world renowned antler replicator, Klaus Lebrecht. This week we showcase the World Record typical 10pt Andrea Moffett buck from the state of Indiana along with some of the all-time great whitetail bucks Klaus has replicated in the past including the King Buck, Hole in the Horn, Minnesota Monarch and more!
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 2 (Andy Orr)
In Episode 2 of the Deer Society podcast we are joined by whitetail habitat expert, Andy Orr, owner of Advanced Whitetail Systems. This week we cover all things deer habitat including property design, food plot strategies, hinge cut bedding areas, in-timber water holes and much more. Sit back and enjoy!
Deer Society Podcast : Episode 1 (The Dukarts)
Welcome to the NEW Deer Society video podcast! In episode 1, we set the stage for the entire series, by bringing the Dukart family on for a behind-the-scenes look at how the Deer Society and Illusion Systems platforms came to be. We also discuss what it's 'really' like be part of the deer hunting industry.