Black Rack & Extinguisher Combo (Camo)


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  • Product Description

    Ultimate Calling System by Illusion: What makes it the #1 deer communication system on the market?

    • The Extinguisher’s patented ModiSlide™ allows you to sound like a Buck, a Doe or a Fawn in an instant.
    • 99.6% Approval Rating –  NAHC Field Test, highest ever by a deer call!
    • FreezeFree™ Design – The Extinguisher’s modiSlide™ also serves to free the call from a “freeze-up.”
    • Throat-Tube™ – This dual layered technology produces extremely realistic sounds allows for directional calling.
    • Video Instruction – Calling at deer is a thing of the past, we provide the video content required to learn how to effectively communicate with deer!
    • Made in the USA – Every Extinguisher deer call is acoustically tested before it passes final inspection.
    • The Black Rack's Bone-Core™ Technology – Gives this rattling system extremely realistic antler-like sounds.
    • Two Full Rack™ design – Designed as two fully racked bucks, giving you the tines and leverage needed to replicate a breeding rights battle.
    • Black Concealment™ – Keeps your rattling sequences concealed, allowing you to rattle at much closer distances during a big buck encounter.
    • Free Instructional Videos - Watch our detailed instructional series and learn how to effectively communicate with deer. Simply download the FREE 'Deer Society' mobile app for access to hours of educational video content! 
    • Made in the USA – Have the confidence that your product was designed and manufactured in America by hunters just like you!

    Hundreds of thousands of serious deer hunters rely on the Extinguisher and Black Rack for a reason… They just plain work!

  • Reviews

    • Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      chris currell

      have not used it yet

      Spencer Vlach
      The Tale of Hank the Tank: First Archery Buck!

      The 2020 season is where I really started to get serious about my hunting; I wasn't going to just go out on random days that I had off and meander into a stand. I had multiple cameras running from June, 2020; each time I checked the cameras I Phazed out my gear, clothes, body, and cameras. All the scouting paid off when I started to see a really nice mature 9-point Wisconsin buck on camera. I tracked his movements on map from June until October; he was definitely the most dominant buck on the property but was pretty nocturnal. He vanished from cameras in mid-October which was disheartening. I knew none of my neighbors shot him. I got one picture of him on 11/7/2020 in the early morning walking back into a thick marsh. I went in that afternoon and setup 150 yards from where I thought he was bedding along a creek system on our property. Just as the sun was setting I picked up my Extinguisher and did a few immature buck grunts (trailing grunts) then one doe in estrus bleat. Then I tickled the Black Rack together for about 15 seconds. I stopped then slid the mono-slide to mature buck and did a few grunts and three doe estrus bleats; I cracked the Black Racks together hard and twisted and grinded for a quick 5 seconds. I stopped and put my tools down and barely had my hands off the rack before Hank the Tank came crashing out of the thicket I saw him enter that morning. He stood about 40 yards away off to my left; he let out a guttural bellow before circling 30 yards out in front of me. I grabbed my bow and stopped him at 30 yards and double-lunged/heart shot him. He ran 75 yards and crashed. My first archery buck was on the ground and I owe it all to the Phaze scent elimination products and Extinguisher/Black Rack game call systems. Thank you to the Dukarts and the rest of the Deer Society team for giving me the tools and knowledge to lay my hands on a 5 1/2 year old 130" Wisconsin buck!

      Royce Duncan

      Christmas gifts.

      Mitchell Haney
      Tines too short

      Just think the tines r too short make them longer. I have a set of real horns that sound better think the tines length should be longer but that my opinion but was great service

      jimbo Evans
      Grunt tube and black rack

      It is the best set up I have owned I have brought in and turned more deer than ever thanks so much

  • Product Details

american made rated 1 deer call satisfaction guaranteed
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