PhaZe 3: Field Foam


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  • Product Description

    PhaZe 3 Field Treatment is your last line of defense. Field Foam outperforms field sprays in 3 ways:

    • Entraps NEW Body Odors: Eliminating the new sweat and bacteria acquired during travel in and while setting up.
    • Prevents Loss of Skin Cells: Keeping dander in-check and preventing skin cells from adding to your human scent stream.
    • Non-Drifting Application: Field Foam does not atomize like a field spray application. Field sprays in the stand will actually contaminate your spot by releasing millions of airborne particles that stick to trees, leaves and on the ground in your hunting area.

    PhaZe Out your body odor in 3 simple steps and experience the next level of scent control this hunting season! For optimum results, use PhaZe 3 Field Foam in conjunction with the entire PhaZe system.

  • Reviews

    • Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Kevin Smith
      This Stuff Works

      I usually have a hike into my stands and even in cold weather will sweat - As soon as I get up in stand I use the foam for face/neck/hair/hands.....have NOT been scented yet with deer walking within FEET of my stand...GREAT product!

      Steve Shuford

      Wonderful product, always been using and killed 3 big bucks in Illinois off on it. Love it!

      Phaze field foam

      After using the field foam for a week every day I can honestly say that it works as it should. Deer were down wind of me several times without a clue I was there. It’s very economical and you don’t loose any to the wind like you do with most sprays.

      Dan Good
      Field Foam is the best there is.

      I never use to ozone my hunting cloths or use any type of scent cover and I would always get winded when in the stand. But now taking all the steps needed to keep my cloths scent free and using the Field Foam for my head, face, neck and hands I NEVER get winded. No matter the wind direction. I can’t say enough about the Phaze Field Foam.

      Jovan Thao

      PhaZe 3: Field Foam

  • Product Details

american made rated 1 deer call satisfaction guaranteed
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