PhaZe Body Odor System (5 Pack)

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  • Product Description

    Introducing the NEW PhaZe Body Odor System! PhaZe utilizes a revolutionary Z-technology formula to encapsulate odor molecules, rendering them undetectable to an animal’s nose.  This 3 PhaZe system will completely change the way you hunt! PhaZe-Out your Body Odor in 3 simple steps:

    Phaze 1 Body Treatment: includes body wash, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant and body lotion. PhaZe One works to cleanse your body, condition your skin and control your dander. Z-technology encapsulates odor molecules rendering them useless to an animal's nose. 

    PhaZe 2 Garment Treatment: includes laundry detergent that adds scent capturing Z-Technology to any of your outdoor garments. PhaZe is an environmentally friendly, concentrated formula, suitable for all washing machines (including H.E.) and has no added UV brighteners.

    PhaZe 3 Field Treatment: is your last line of defense. PhaZe Field Foam is a direct-to-skin application that encapsulates odor molecules caused from perspiration. Field Foam gives you more odor encapsulating coverage than field spray applications and will not contaminate your hunting area with atomized chemicals.

    30-day guarantee: We are so confident in this system that we are offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Try the full PhaZe system and if you are not completely convinced PhaZe is the best scent control system you have ever used, simply send back the unused portion for a full product refund. You have nothing to lose, try PhaZe this season and experience the results for yourself! #PhaZeOut #TagOut

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    • Customer Reviews

      Based on 52 reviews
      Don’t waste your money

      Ive spent hours on end deer hunting and following the deer society, their advice, tactics, practices, and successes related to their products. The extinguisher is great…black racks…great…. I was hopeful about the phaze scent control system…but to be bluntly honest…it sucks. After washing my hunting clothes in totes outside (to avoid any cross contamination with our regular machine) then hanging them out to air dry….I can still smell our detergent on my socks and boxers. I can also smell my body odor, from the previous season, on clothes that have never seen household detergent. If my wife and I can both smell it….you know a deer can! Scent Killer Gold by wildlife research has a much better product in my opinion. I haven’t used the field foam, lotion, or soap….I don’t trust it enough to try it.

      Allan Tuchscherer

      I love the phase system the Deer came in with the wind blowing in there face and I did not alert them at all. It's a great system!!!! I highly recommend it.

      Joseph Hill Jr

      I thought the package I purchased had the deodorant and spray that was in your videos. That is my fault for not looking closer. I don’t see those items available for purchase. Also wish the laundry detergent was worth more than 8 loads. As far as how well it works, I don’t know yet. I have only had time to go hunting for about 3.5 hours so far this year. I do have high hopes.

      Raymond Dean
      Awesome product

      Really like the package, it had all the stuff need to be as sent free as possible. From the shampoo, body wash, to field soap made it so easy to get in the stand and not worry about staining up the stand.

      Faze scent control

      Awesome product. works great!

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american made rated 1 deer call satisfaction guaranteed
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