“Shot this 196 inch giant, used the Extinguisher call to bring him in.” – Tim

“Rattled this bad boy in thanks to the Black Racks!”

Killed my largest buck in MN last season using the Moon Guide to predict his daylight movement.

I shot this great buck during the Red Moon on my Moon Guide.

My quest for a buck named “Elvis” came to an end with the help of the Moon Guide.

I plan all of my out-of-state hunts around the Red Moon time periods from my Moon Guide.

I will not hunt without the Moon Guide.

I’ve killed 9 Boone and Crockett bucks during the Red Moon times on the Moon Guide.

I killed 3 giant bucks in 3 years by using the Moon Guide to select the times to make my move.

“Whitewater WMA buck, called TO my tree with my Extinguisher

“On Halloween night I rattled in 3 different bucks using the Black Rack.”

“Thanks to the Black Rack and Extinguisher, I connected!”

First deer using the Extinguisher deer call!

I used the Extinguisher to bring in 12 bucks and harvested a 9pt with my bow.

What can I say, great products lead to great success!

Another buck down from the Extinguisher deer call!

“I was using the Black Rack and he stepped into a shooting lane 5 seconds later.”

Brought this guy in with the Extinguisher!

“I purchased an Extinguisher call about 18 months ago. It is the best deer call I have ever owned.”

I used the Extinguisher and 3 minutes later this buck came in. He scores in the top-5 all time for South Carolina bucks.