PhaZe 2: Gear Cleaner


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      The PhaZe 2 Gear Cleaner with Z-technology has finally arrived! Are you ready to take your scent control to the next level this season? The PhaZe Gear Cleaner with proprietary Z-technology encapsulates odor molecules, removing the human and foreign odor elements from your gear prior to entering the field. The PhaZe 2 Gear cleaner uses are unlimited; 

      • Remove odors from rubber boots
      • Deodorize dirty truck beds
      • Remove odors from hunting decoys
      • Clean trail cameras before deploying 
      • Remove odors from binoculars & optics

      Directions: 1. Apply the PhaZe Gear Cleaner liberally onto gear and/or a scent-free towel (washed with PhaZe 2 laundry detergent). 2. Thoroughly wipe down gear and equipment with PhaZe Gear Cleaner. 3. Rinse gear with water to remove dirt and encapsulated odor molecules. 3. Let gear air dry or use a scent-free towel (washed in PhaZe Laundry detergent) to dry off. 

      * The PhaZe 2 Gear Cleaner is NOT a traditional Field Spray product for use in the field. For optimum scent control results in the field, we highly recommend using our PhaZe 3 Field Foam, a direct-to-skin application. 

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