Scent Control - Hunt Breakdowns
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Scent Control - Hunt Breakdowns (6)
The Hunt for Tank - 5 Yards and Closing...
Keegan Brimm uses directional calling to pull a Big Buck in DIRECTLY under his stand. Can you guess what happens next?
Double Split - Cracking the Code on a Big Buck!
In this Hunt Breakdown, JJ Dukart cracks the code on a mature buck he named, Double Split. Utilizing two seasons of intel, JJ puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together and moves in for a shot at this big MN whitetail.
The Rising Rut - 2 Boone & Crockett Bucks
Ben Rising closes in on two Boone & Crockett whitetails and let's one arrow fly! Learn how he adjusts his strategies and tactics while hunting a new property to put the odds in his favor and knock down a Giant Whitetail.
The "Telephone Pole" Buck
An incredible Deer Society hunt breakdown, showcasing the rattling methods and scent control strategies that allows the crew to film a GIANT 7.5yr old Buck RUNNING in to Rattling.
The Hunt For "Curly"
185" Buck... Down Wind.... From The Ground.... With a Bow! This is one hunt you have to see to believe. Watch the incredible 3 year quest for a MN Giant unfold!
The Perfect Storm
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, another Big Buck falls as a result of an October Kill Window. JJ Dukart breaks down all of the key elements that lead to his success on a mature MN buck. Learn more about the PhaZe Body Odor System at: