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Double Split - Cracking the Code on a Big Buck!
In this Hunt Breakdown, JJ Dukart cracks the code on a mature buck he named, Double Split. Utilizing two seasons of intel, JJ puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together and moves in for a shot at this big MN whitetail.
The Rising Rut - 2 Boone & Crockett Bucks
Ben Rising closes in on two Boone & Crockett whitetails and let's one arrow fly! Learn how he adjusts his strategies and tactics while hunting a new property to put the odds in his favor and knock down a Giant Whitetail.
The "Full Illusion"
When calling, rattling and scent control all come together on a big buck, we call this creating the Full Illusion. In this Deer Society breakdown, we showcase the advanced communication and scent control tactics and strategies that were used by Keegan Brimm to pull a great whitetail buck into bow range.
The "Telephone Pole" Buck
An incredible Deer Society hunt breakdown, showcasing the rattling methods and scent control strategies that allows the crew to film a GIANT 7.5yr old Buck RUNNING in to Rattling.
The Hunt For "Curly"
185" Buck... Down Wind.... From The Ground.... With a Bow! This is one hunt you have to see to believe. Watch the incredible 3 year quest for a MN Giant unfold!
The Perfect Storm
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, another Big Buck falls as a result of an October Kill Window. JJ Dukart breaks down all of the key elements that lead to his success on a mature MN buck. Learn more about the PhaZe Body Odor System at: