Rattling 101 - Tips & Tactics
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Deer Rattling Tips - Technique
Deer Rattling and Calling Tips and Techniques by Rod White. Learn the technique of rattling with your black rack rattling system by Illusion. Rod will demonstrate the proper grip and motion for optimizing your rattling. Learn more at
Deer Rattling Tips - Rubs
The Black Racks can be used for much more than just rattling! Rod White demonstrates how to use the Black Racks to rub and scrape to invoke an instinctive reaction in those stubborn bucks.
Black Rack Rattling Tutorial
Learn how to rattle in mature bucks using the Black Racks with these advanced calling tips and techniques by Rod White and Mike Dukart. These in-depth tips and tactics will help you out in the field when you encounter a mature buck.
Black Rack - Advanced Rattling Strategies
The Black Rack rattling system by Illusion. Learn advanced rattling tips and strategies by one of the most knowledgable whitetail hunters in the country, Rod White. Rod will discuss the best times to rattle with your Black Rack, explain a deers mind set, and teach you how to lure big bucks in.