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Deer Calling Tips: E.1 "Fawn Vocalizations"
Understanding Basic Fawn Vocalizations, Founder/Inventor of Illusion Game Call Systems, Mike Dukart, goes over the 3 most basic fawn vocalizations that you can add into your arsenal to help prepare for fall.
Deer Calling Tips : E.2 "Fawn Behavior and Family Structure"
This week Mike gives some great insight into the first year of a deers life and how to understand the does protective instincts
Deer Calling Tips: E.3 "Fall Parental Dynamics"
In this weeks calling tip, Mike goes over how Does prepare for breeding season and how that affects the yearlings daily patterns and behaviors.
Deer Calling Tips - E.4 "Controlling the Flow of Deer"
This week, Mike goes over one of the most simple & effective fawn vocalizations, and how it is used to pull the herd into your area!
Deer Calling Tips - E.5 "Understanding Basic Doe Communication"
This week Mike, explains some basics on doe communication, reading the deers body language, and how to bring them into your immediate area...
Deer Calling Tips - E.6 "Doe Bleats on Pre Rut Bucks"
This week, Mike explains why it is so effective to use doe bleats during the weeks leading up to the rut... And how this will put you in the position for successful buck encounters, time and time again.
Deer Calling Tips - E.7 "Doe Estrus Bleats for Breeding Bucks"
This week Mike goes into the behavior and mind set of different age class bucks... and how they react to challenges, estrus cycles & different calling scenarios. Great information to keep in mind when you are getting ready for the RUT to kick in!
Deer Calling Tips - E.8 "Community Calling"
Community calling is a great way to direct the flow of the deer into your immediate area.... Mike has some great points in this weeks video, to help you create the ILLUSION of multiple deer around your set!
Deer Calling Tips - E.9 "Contact Grunts"
Mike, demonstrates one of the best ways to get the attention of a passing buck... And shows a few techniques on how to properly perform the calling sequence.
Deer Calling Tips - E.10 "Understanding Clicks and Pops"
This week Mike dives into an often overlooked piece of the deer language, a bucks Clicks & Pops. For more videos like this, visit:
Deer Calling Tips - E.11 "Trailing Grunts"
This week Mike demonstrates an extremely effective calling sequence that you can utilize during all stages of the pre-rut, peak-rut & post-rut! for more videos like this and calling tips, visit:
Deer Calling Tips - E.12 "Tending and Breeding Grunts"
This week, we take a look inside a calling sequence that is meant to challenge a buck to make him think hes got a breeding scenario near by... that he's not a part of! It is one of the best ways to spin a passing buck around and direct him to the base of your tree, during the rut! for more videos and calling tips, please visit;
Deer Calling Tips - E.13 Croaker
E.13 "CROAKER" - This week, Mike breaks down this rarely used but extremely effective calling sequence on upper age class BUCKS! ALSO, some of the MOST AMAZING deer vocalization footage ever captured on film from Deer Society expert Rod White as he is communicating as mature buck to another mature buck... using the "croaker" calling sequence! for more tips like this, please visit
Deer Calling Tips - E.14 Snort/Wheeze
E.14 "The Snort/Wheeze" Here is a breakdown of what a snort wheeze means to deer as they communicate to each other with it... And how to properly perform the snort/wheeze, while working it into your calling sequences. For more tips like this, visit:
Deer Calling Tips - E.15 "Part One: Calling Technique Fawn & Doe"
Mike shows in detail how to understand your call and how to properly add inflection and emotion to your calling sequences for Does and Fawns. This gives you the edge while hunting, as you will be able to vocally communicate more effectively with deer when the opportunities are there for you to capitalize on! For more great calling tips, visit
Deer Calling Tips - E.16 "Part two, Calling technique Bucks"
This calling tip, is one of the BEST buck communication tutorials out there! Mike breaks down, in detail, a few calling sequences and how to properly perform them with the extinguisher... Knowing what your call is doing and how it is working internally gives you a huge advantage in manipulating and communicating with deer. For more tips and videos like this, you can visit:
Deer Calling Tips - E.17 "Rattling Technique with the BLACK RACK"
So we have hit that fun time of the year again, where bucks become extremely responsive to rattling sequences. Mike nails down how to properly hold the black rack so that you can get the most out of your different calling scenarios. For more calling tips and videos, visit:
Deer Calling Tips - E.18 "Understanding Rattling 101"
In this weeks calling tip, Mike breaks down how to effectively use the Illusion Systems BLACK RACK in a few different rattling sequences, including light tickling & sparring, to an all out BRAWL! With the rut kicking in & Bucks on the move chasing hot does, this is the MOST important time of the year to have your rattling sequences sounding just right! For more information and tips like this, visit:
Deer Calling Tips - E.19 "Reading a Deers Body Language"
When you have a deer in front of you, the most important and first step to communicating with the animal is to read the deers body language, this will allow you to determine what to do next. You might ask yourself, "should I call?" "should remain calm and quiet?" depending on how you read the deers body language, these key factors that will either benefit you and enable a successful hunt, or it can hurt you and blow the animal out of your area. For more tips and videos, please visit: