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Calling - Hunt Breakdowns (37)
Hunt For #4 - 200-inch GIANT Buck!
A "Red Moon" 200-inch Buck... Watch the FULL Deer Society hunt breakdown of Adam Hays 4th 200-inch wild whitetail.
The Perfect Storm
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, another Big Buck falls as a result of an October Kill Window.
The Story of Mr. Maybe - A 228" Legend
One of the most incredible Big Buck hunts of all time!
Post Rut Buck - "Desperately Seeking"
In this Deer Society hunt, Colton Hall breaks down the advanced hunting and communication tactics he used to pull a mature buck into bow range during the post-rut.
The 300" Buck - #2 All-Time World Record
The story of a 300-inch Buck named Christmas Tree!
The 'Big Buck' Learning Curve
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, Rod White demonstrates the effectiveness of rattling with the Black Racks during the post-rut time period.
Scandal's Harem - How to target a GIANT Buck!
In this Deer Society hunt, we break down the advanced deer hunting and communication tactics that Rod and Bridger deployed on a Giant Iowa buck to pull him under 15 yards. ~
The "Breeding Room" Scenario
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, Rod explains how he keys in on mature bucks during the peak rut in a "Breeding Room" scenario. Learn the Advanced Communication tactics used to harvest a 180" Boone and Crocket buck.
CROAKER: Legendary 9.5yr Old Buck!
Witness one of the most incredible deer vocalizations ever captured on film. The legendary "Croaker" buck finally meets his match.
Best Deer Communication EVER Captured!
Watch as Rod White calls a mature buck off a doe in one of the most amazing communication sequences we have ever captured on video. Enjoy!
The "Comeback" Kid - 1st Buck!
One first-time archer experiences the extreme highs and lows of chasing his first buck. After several missed opportunities, Evan's father Chad "passes him the torch" and let's him use his Extinguisher deer call to attempt calling in his first buck.
Cold Calling - 300lb. BUCK!
Deer Society calling tactics focusing on blind or "cold" calling. Tim Roller uses advanced deer calling strategies to fool a 300lb. Kansas whitetail.
NEVER Before Captured Buck Vocalization!
The legendary "Croaker" buck vocalization, as seen on The Deer Society. Listen to this extremely rare vocal encounter with a 9.5yr old wild whitetail.
170" Buck crosses a Frozen River! In this Deer Society video you will witness one of the most incredible deer calling sequences ever captured on film. Colton Hall will break down the strategies that he used to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity.
A Shot to the Heart
One of the most incredible Deer Society hunts of all-time unfolds during the "Asylum Phase" of the pre rut. Kyle Ransom rattles in his 10th buck of the day and you will not believe what happens next!
Tickled Pink
One Deer Society member is "tickled pink" after learning his wife brought her pink Extinguisher deer call along for the hunt.. Moments later, he is sitting behind the largest buck of his life!
Calling in a "Lovestruck" Buck
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, we walk through the advanced communication tactics Steve used to close the deal on a "Lovestruck" buck during the difficult October lull period.