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Extinguisher Deer Call (Camo)
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The Breeding Grunt - Demonstration
In this Deer Society calling demonstration, Rod White breaks down the most complex deer vocalization known, the Breeding grunt.
October Lull SUCCESS!
Andy Orr uses advanced deer calling tactics to bring in a mature buck during the October Lull time period. You can use this same tactic to improve your odds in the field.
'Seeking Phase' Bucks!
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, we analyze the 3 calling tactics Andy Orr used to fool a 5yr. old Giant Buck during the seeking phase of the rut.
Doe Estrous Bleats FOOL 10pt Buck!
Learn how to use doe estrous bleats to fool mature bucks! In this video, Rod white demonstrates the importance of adjusting your calling strategy to give a buck what he wants during the rut.. Love!
Fooling a 6.5yr Old Buck
In this Deer Society video breakdown, Rod White uses advanced deer calling tactics to communicate with and manipulate a 6.5yr old buck into bow range.
Directional Calling Tactics
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, we are focusing on the Directional Calling and Volume Control tactics that Randy Baker, of Team 200 TV, used to pull a KS bruiser in on a B-Line!
'Community' Calling - Estrous Bleats
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, we show the effectiveness of Doe Estrous Bleats during the rut. Learn to produce extremely realistic Estrous Bleats on your Extinguisher Deer Call so you can see results like this.
Create a Second Chance!
Deer Society expert, Rod White, shows us a real-time video example of how he uses advanced communication tactics and visual identifiers to pull in bucks for a second chance shot opportunity.
Calling Bucks UNDER 15 yards
Deer Society Expert, Randy Baker, shows us how he used two tactics (natural tones and directional calling) to communicate with bucks and call them in under 15 yards.
Calling In Heavy Cover
This Deer Society hunt takes place during early November in a thick honey suckle property. Andy Orr gives us a behind the scenes look at the vocalizations and tactics he prefers for calling in bucks in heavy cover environments.
Volume Control - Windy Conditions
In this Deer Society hunt, Ryan walks us through a three step approach to communicating with mature bucks during windy conditions.
AUDIO of "Croaking" Buck!
Incredible buck vocalizations captured on video! If there was ever a time to sit back, hang up your bow and learn from the deer, this is it.. Randy experiences some of the loudest buck grunts ever captured on video at under 15 yards.
The "Ghost" Buck
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, Andy is back in the Tunnel of Pain stand in foggy and calm conditions. Learn which tactics he used to pull in a fully mature, 5.5yr old "Ghost" buck!
Calling Blind - 3 Keys to Success!
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, we take a close look at the advanced Blind Calling tactics that Kevin used to call in the largest buck of his life!
Chain Reaction - Big Buck Calling Tactics
Randy Baker demonstrates how he gets bucks up on their feet early, during daylight hours, creating a "Chain Reaction" in the herd.
Create a good "First Impression"
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, Randy demonstrates the tactics he uses to create a good "First Impression" when calling to Big Bucks.
In this Deer Society segment, Jeff Miller calls in a huge bodied 160" buck. This hunt is a great example of proper directional calling techniques and the importance of always watching your back when calling to deer during the rut.
Calling in OLD Bucks!
Have you ever encountered an "Un-callable Buck"? Learn what tactics Brian smith used on an Old Buck to make him close the distance for a shot opportunity.. Patience, Patience, Patience!
Hunting a Primary
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, Tim Roller arrows a giant wild Illinois whitetail and walks us through a "Primary" setup and how it played a crucial role in his success.
Post-Rut Trifecta: 3 Bucks called in!
In this Deer Society hunt breakdown, Chad Isenogle pinpoints an idea post-rut setup for late November and walks through the process of communicating with deer in this exciting time period of the rut.