Calling 101 - Deer Language
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Deer Calling Tip - The Contact Grunt
Rod discusses the importance of starting your calling sequence off with the contact grunt. This is an essential piece of your deer calling arsenal!
Deer Calling Tip - The Breeding Grunt
Learn how to produce one of the most effective deer calling vocalizations during the rut, the Breeding Grunt.
Deer Calling Tutorial - Extinguisher
Deer Calling instructional video using the Extinguisher Deer Cal by Illusion Systems. In this in-depth video tutorial, Mike Dukart and Rod White cover the entire deer language. You will learn how to make all of the vocalizations on your Extinguisher deer call.
Deer Calling Tip - Snort Wheeze
Learn how to reproduce the snort wheeze sounds made by a whitetail bucks.
Tending Grunt vs. Breeding Grunt
Learn the difference between two vary similar buck vocalizations. The tending grunt and the breeding grunt.
Doe Vocalizations
Deer Calling 101 - Doe Vocalizations. Throughout the hunting season, does change the way they communicate with other deer. Use this communication knowledge to your advantage this hunting season.
Deer Calling - Growls & Roars
Learn how to create the Growling and Roaring sounds on your Extinguisher deer call by Illusion. In-depth calling tips from Rod White and Mike Dukart focusing on the Growling and Roaring vocalizations. Learn what these deer sounds means and how and when to use them in the field.
Deer Calling 101 - Fundamentals
Mike Dukart demonstrates how to use the Extinguisher Deer Call by Illusion Systems. You will learn about air pressure, hand placement, and proper calling techniques while using your deer call.
Body Language - Deer Society™ Tip
Deer Society expert Rod White discusses the importance of deer body language when choosing when and what to say with his Extinguisher Deer Call. Rod is a U.S.A. Olympic Gold Medal Archer with over a dozen Boone and Crockett bucks on his wall.
Calling Frequency - Deer Society™ Tip
Whitetail Expert Rod White discusses the importance of calling frequency when it come to communication with whitetail deer. Learn 'how much' may be 'too much' when attempting to call in that trophy buck. Rod is a U.S.A. Olympic Gold Medal Archer with over a dozen Boone and Crockett class whitetail bucks on his wall.
Call Timing - Deer Society™ Tip
Rod White discusses call timing with your deer call. Learn when to call and what to say to that big buck when choosing your first vocalization. Rod White, Olympic Gold Medal Archer, is using the Extinguisher Deer Call by Illusion for this Deer Society Tips.
Growls & Roars - Deer Society™ Tip Learn the true meaning of what most hunters refer to as the "Roaring" and "Growling" sounds. Rod White gives us an inside look at what a mature buck is thinking when he makes these roaring type sounds, he then discusses how you can use these vocalizations to your advantage in the woods to lure in that trophy buck! Rod White is using the Extinguisher Deer Call by Illusion in this video to demonstrate these vocalizations.
Breeding Grunts - Deer Society™ Tip
In this Deer Society™ tip we discuss the whitetail deer's breeding grunt vocalization. Rod will demonstrate how to replicate the buck's breeding vocalization on his Extinguisher Deer Call and he will also discuss the most effective ways to use this sound out in the woods.
Contact Grunts - Deer Society™ Tip
Rod White demonstrates the contact grunt. He will show you how and when to use the this vocalization when calling to deer. In this Deer Society™ tip Rod is using the Extinguisher Deer Call by Illusion.
Deer Calling - Contact Grunt Deer Calling Tips and Techniques by Rod White. Learn how to create the contact grunt and learn tactics on when to use this deer vocalization effectively in the field. In this deer calling video tip, Rod is blowing the Extinguisher Deer Call by Illusion Systems to create the whitetail contact grunt. Learn more about this deer call and the vocalizations you can create with the Extinguisher at
Deer Calling - Doe & Fawn Bleats Deer Calling Tips and Techniques. Learn how to use doe bleats and fawn bawls to call in deer. Rod and Mike teach calling techniques for does describe how to use these deer vocalizations in the field while hunting. This deer calling video demonstration was filmed using the Extinguisher Deer Call by Illusion Systems.
Deer Calling - Pops & Clicks
Deer Calling Tips using the Extinguisher Deer Call. Rod White demonstrates how to create the popping and clicking deer sounds of whitetail deer. Also in this video tutorial you will learn what these sounds mean and how you can call in deer by recreating these vocalizations in the woods. Learn more at
Deer Calling - Breeding Grunt
Deer calling tip focusing on the whitetail breeding grunt. Learn what the breeding grunt sounds like, how to make it with your extinguisher deer call, and how it can help you call in a buck out in the field.